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Company Details of B-Forest Co., Ltd.



November 5th, 2004

The Westminster Roppongi 1106

6-16-11 Roppongi, Minato-ku, 〒106-0032  JAPAN

MOLLY's NY: 641 Fifth Avenue 34E, New York, NY 10022, USA

Phone Number


Company History

  • 2002~2004 Consultation for Estee Lauder Companies Inc.

  • 2003   Coordinated an Italian Slow Food Brand

  • Contract with Shiseido Parlor

  • 2006   Coordinator for Itochu’s collaboration with Paris famous patissiers

  • Contract with ITOCHU Food Sales and Marketing Co., Ltd. for a Dessert Branding Project in domestic department stores

  • 2011   Executive Committee in the Japan-India Global Partnership Summit 2011 

  • Japanese Sole Agent for a Medical Company in the US

  • Coordinator for the creation of 3 Ippudo restaurants along the Japanese highway

  • 2012   Consultation for a Listed Company

  • 2013   Consultation for Restaurant chain company Ippudo

  • Coordinator for the creation of the first Ippudo restaurant in Paris

  • Consulting for the second Ippudo restaurant in London,

  • Made arrangement for the opening of the second Ippudo restaurant in NYC

  • Coordinator for the in-flight menu of Ippudo for ANA

  • 2014   Producer for the Japanese ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “Cool Japan” campaign in France

  • Planning and execution of the Ramen Week in Paris “Zuzutto” 

  • Consultation for Shata Shuzou Co., Ltd.  

  • Organized “Gorin” Label designed by Designer Junko Koshino

  • 2015 Board Member of the JPEC (Japan Made Products Export Council)

  • Produced Restaurant in Paris

  • Producer for Koshino Junko and Shata Shuzo’ sake label collaboration, present in ANA’s First class

  • Produced Junko Koshino Designed Label for Black Dragon Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

  • Sake Ambassador Award at UN Ambassador’s Residence with the Owner of NOBU Mr. Matsushita

  • 2016  Created the “Sake Ambassador” award and organized a party for the recipient at the Japanese ambassador for the UN residence in NYC

  • JFA (Japanese Football Association) broker license registration

  • ​Contract with Tadanari Lee from JFA Urawa Reds

  • 2017 Nissan Motor Company Limited, Coordinator

  • 2018 Consultation for Ito Yokado

  • 2019 Special Advisor to the Galileo Foundation

  • Organized the Talitha Kum Tokyo Photo Exhibition 

  • 2020 Ito Yokado 100th anniversary project "5 year Diary"

  • Japan Tourism Agency Sponsored events in collaboration with Mitsubishi Estate Company 

    • "Marunouchi x JP47 Street restaurant"​

    • "Marunouchi x Ishikawa Pref. x Paris Sake Cocktail event"

  • 2021 "Goto Islands- Nagasaki Pref. x Paris Virtual Tour"

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